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Thursday, April 17, 2008

For those of you who value simplicity

Please note! This calendar is similar to the Cotsworth calendar.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo DaVinci
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. ~Confucius
Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.

What is Oncember?
It is the 13th month

Why do we need a 13th month?
Because it will make life a lot easier for everyone

Basically every months has the same number of days 28, exactly 4 weeks. This way every month starts on the same day of the week Monday, and ends on a Sunday. It fits exactly into a year of 13 months with one (new years day) left over :)

This site proposes that we change our calendar to 13 months of exactly 28 days each for a total of 13*28=364 days and make the extra day a new years day holiday!
New years day would not have a date or day of the week name (Mon, Tues....)
A leap year could have 2 such holidays.

With enough support and publicity we could persuade governments to implement the change starting Jan 1st 2018 (Monday).

For more information on how the western calendar has dominated the world and the history of our calendar please visit

Reasons against

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The system would be too complicated and costly to implement
(Not really, you would give everyone plenty of advanced notice to update computers and digital watches, mobile phones and such)

When would my birthday be in the new Calendar?
(you could calculate the day of the year and then fix it to the new calendar, and it would always be on the same day of the week :)

You would have to change everyones passports and legal documents!
(Not neccessary, you could refer to dates as OC [Old Calendar] and NC [new Calendar], so if my birthday is 25 Feb OC then that would be the 56th day of the year and that would make it 28 Feb NC)

Who would decide what to call the 13th month?
(Oncember perhaps?)

Financial Quarters?
(first Quarter would be exactly 3 months and 1 week, second quarter after 6 months and 2 weeks and third 9 months and 3 weeks, the number of weeks tells you which quarter :)

Arguments For

Please add your comments if you have any other ideas

Many people get paid for the number of days they work in any particular month, wouldn't it be easier if every month you worked exactly 20 days and so received the same salary each month?

It's easier for kids at school to learn

Every month could start with a Monday and end on a Sunday, easier to make plans for the weekends

Calendars and holidays wouldn't need to change from year to year depending on the day of the week

It would simplify some accounting systems

You could make public holidays coincide with Mondays and Fridays so that people would have more long weekends, it would make life more predictable, and easier to plan time away

Under this calendar a womans 40 week pregnancy lasts a nice round 10 months